What is Los Propietarios
and what is NOT

Los Propietarios is an anarchist project. You may think it is aimed at fighting the state. Well, no. Why? Because it’s not our job. Our job is to create and grow a peaceful productive community

We gather as many anarchists and agorists as possible and let them live in the most consistent anarchist framework possible. Los Propietarios fully acts within the Argentinian legal framework and it is not legally responsible for its members.

Los Propietarios is not a political project, quite the contrary. No proprietario is allowed to get involved in politics, local or national, as it is considered a threat (otherwise NAP violation).

By the same token, there’s no “majority rule” politics inside the community. The most consistent free-market legal framework is applied.

Nevertheless members are still obliged to fulfil the initial 3 years contract with Los Propietarios as a necessary step to properly set things in motion.

When joining the community, each member also signs a contract with one of the Dispute Resolution Organizations available to deal with internal disputes.

No proprietario is allowed to resort to state’s legal services as it is considered a NAP violation. Consult the FAQ to find out more.


What do we believe in?

They are the North Star of our communal life and we strive to create a coherent system that ensures no violations. Big names will help us with that.

The free exchange of properties between consenting adults is the only real solution to any adversity we may face as individuals or as a community.

It’s not mandatory and never will. It’s nonetheless relevant for the success of any communal endeavor, therefore always welcomed.

Conservatorism and progressism derive from personality traits, they won’t disappear. Feel free to discriminate but don’t forget you’re also free to tolerate.

The NAP applies to children too. We strongly believe peaceful parenting to be a fundamental tool for the creation of a better world. 

As fans of the Austrian School of Economics we believe that many world problems can be fixed by fixing the money and that’s why we Bitcoin. 

In a NAP based society freedom of speech is necessary to avoid physical conflict. Tough up, political correctness is not welcomed.

The right to privacy doesn’t actually exist, what exists is the right to discriminate based on property rights and you already know we’re fans of those.


Some of the team members,
investors and advisors


Leonardo Facco

Founder Italian Libertarian Movement - Journalist


Ariel Aguilar

BitcoinetaEU Co-founder


Alessandro Fusillo

President Italian Libertarian Movement - Lawyer


Tomás Fabricante

Argentinian Libertarian Party Board Member


Giacomo Zucco

Bitcoin Educator and Entrepreneur

WhatsApp Image 2023-12-12 at 16.29.09_6bd95740

Rodolfo Gowland

Architect, Urban Planner and Real Estate Developer


Giacomo Zamagni

Italian Libertarian Movement Board Member


Camilo JdL

Lawyer and Libertarian Community Builder


Luca Venturini

Bitcoin Developer and Entrepreneur


Francesco Gatti

Architect and Real estate Developer


Paolo Musumeci

Entrepreneur and Financial Consultant