Pioneers of a
new world

Let’s be clear, it’s not a role for everyone. Being a pioneer is not easy, it can be uncomfortable both psychologically and physically. Pioneers are the ones tasked with starting from scratch what nobody was able to.

They don’t just build a future for themselves but also for their children and for all the people that will join thanks to their efforts. Being first may come with some pain but also with huge profit opportunities as building from scratch allows to turn what’s worthless into valuable assets. 

The real danger is to get stuck in the hamster wheel of a statist society, feeling safe cuddled in the illusion of a comfort zone that boils you slowly. Remember that the more we are the easier it gets.

Come to Los Propietarios where building your future means to build the future of humanity.


Stay at our place while you build yours

The hostel is the center of the social life in the developing community and can host you while you get your land ready. The facility will feature 50 bedrooms with personal bathroom, shared kitchen and the main hall. Starting from 300 $ per month.


Invest or sponsor
a settler

You can also take part remotely by becoming a citizen, claim your lot and do something with it! Since we can’t leave empty or stagnant lots, you still need someone on the premises to be your representative. You can get someone by:

  • sponsoring a settler to live on your land.
  • starting a business with hired employees or automated.
  • building a house and keep it inhabited by renting it.

We created a platform to help you find what you need.


Initial contract

Every resident, otherwise called proprietario, has to accept the community terms and conditions. To establish the ownership on the claimed land, the proprietario, or a delegate, must put the land to use by building a house or any kind of business.

All internal disputes are to be solved internally through the legal system in place. No proprietario is allowed to resort to state’s legal services as it would be considered a threat. All properties may be lost as compensation.


What can you expect
to find in Los Propietarios?

A community of like-minded freedom-oriented society builders.

A dynamic environment where many problems need to find solvers.

The beautiful Argentinian countryside for you to enjoy.

We like nature but we also like technology and internet is of course vital.

We have a basketball court you’re free to add more.

We are in Argentina so why not enjoy good food and the best meat.