1000 ha of land for libertarian anarchists only

We can’t yet disclose the exact location of the land but we can tell you that we picked a beautiful land in the Argentinian countryside with mostly flat surface.

It is close enough to civilization to foster productivity and growth, which is the most important factor for the success of the initiative, but it is not too close to statists society either, as it would contradict the all purpose of the community, which is to live in peace among Libertarians.


Why Argentina?

Argentina is in a unique, very rare, social, economical and geographical context. A good chunk of the population is friendly to libertarian ideas thanks to Javier Milei.

The neighbor country of Brasil has a relatively high concentration of anarcho-capitalists so they can join too.

Argentina is huge and with a low population density, which makes it perfect for establishing a community that doesn’t want to annoy anyone.